Laser Cutter

Before Booking your appointment at the bottom of the page, please take a moment to go over the information about CACP Laser Cutter Services.


The Print shop operates two laser cutters to service the CACP students and faculty.  Please observe the information and policies before booking your next appointment.

Laser Cutter Information:

The laser cutter table size is 32" x 18 ".  Please assure that your material fits within that allotted area.



Max of one hour appointment at a time per user.

If 15 minutes late to an appointment the CACP-IT staff assume the user is a "No Show" and time is alloted to other waiting users.

If a student misses two scheduled appointments that student must come see the CACP-IT staff before they are able to laser cut again.  Failure to do so will result in cancelation of futer appointments.

Please pay attention to approved materials cutting list as certain materials have been excluded from being cut as they are harmful if inhaled.

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