Historic Preservation Association

Historic preservation is a process of design for continuity and the management of change within an existing historic context. The Historic Preservation Association is a new student organization that aims to provide exciting volunteering and networking opportunities to all UTSA students. The HPA’s efforts are mainly focused on the preservation and rehabilitation of the beautiful heritage of San Antonio. The HPA hopes to provide opportunities along the way in places beyond San Antonio.

The purpose of the Historic Preservation Association (HPA) at UTSA is:

  • To maintain a spirit of enthusiasm for historic preservation
  • To foster the study of and involvement in historic preservation
  • To create opportunities for student involvement in the professional field of historic preservation
  • To foster a closer affiliation between faculty, students, and community
  • To maintain a working relationship with other academic or social organizations of the University of Texas at San Antonio


Contact: HPAsanantonio@gmail.com

HPA Website