Freshman Admission

Available openings within the College of Architecture are limited and, therefore, entry is competitive. Successful applicants entering the College from high school and freshman-transfer students (who have attempted less than 30 semester credit hours of college-level coursework) will be directly admitted, as a pre-major — pre-Architecture (PRA), pre-Interior Design (PRI), or pre-Construction Science and Management (PRC) — into the Foundation Year Program. The 28-semester-credit-hour Foundation Year Program is designed to provide a broad exposure to the professions of the built environment and provide a strong foundation for future study in each of the College’s three academic majors.

An applicant for a College of Architecture major will be admitted to the respective pre-major by holistic review by the College of Architecture. The holistic review will consider applicants’ SAT or ACT scores, high school grade point average, high school rank, and any college-level work. The priority deadline is March 1; applications will be accepted until all spaces are filled or by July 1.

Students admitted to the University as pre-Architecture majors, pre-Construction Science and Management majors, and pre-Interior Design majors must follow the current policy and will be considered for admission to the applicable College of Architecture major after completing the Foundation Year and applying for admission to their chosen major.

New freshmen and freshmen-transfer students who are admitted to the University but not admitted to one of the College of Architecture pre-majors will be exited from the College of Architecture.