International Studies

In UTSA’s College of Architecture, we believe that a global experience is very important to the overall development of our graduates. The study of other cultures is a vital piece of an architectural education, and development of life skills in general. We offer several global study-abroad experiences that give students opportunities to live and study in different cultural environments. Culture, history, language, art, and architecture are just some facets of the study-abroad experience, with the chance to see some of the most important ancient and modern sites in Europe, Asia, and South America. Full-term programs in Barcelona, Spain; Urbino, Italy; and Buenos Aires, Argentina have been chosen for their extraordinary histories and cultures, influential art and architecture, and rich atmospheres conducive to creativity and learning. All three programs are located in regions where the ancient and the modern co-exist and complement one another in unique ways. Courses vary according to the UTSA faculty in residence.

Urbino, Italy

Barcelona, Spain