Academic Standing and Exiting the College of Architecture

College of Architecture major (B.S. degrees in Architecture, Construction Science and Management, and Interior Design); and pre-major (pre-ARC, pre-CSM, and pre-IDE) students must maintain good academic standing in the College. This requires that the student: (1) meets all University regulations related to good academic standing, to include a UTSA grade point average of at least 2.0, and (2) completes courses offered in the College of Architecture with a grade “C-” or better. 

Students who do not meet University good standing will be placed on academic probation. Students on University academic probation have one subsequent semester (fall, spring, or summer) to achieve good academic standing in the University.

Students who do not meet requirements for good academic standing in the University at the end of one subsequent enrolled semester or have not been admitted to a major in Architecture, Construction Science and Management, or Interior Design will be exited from the College of Architecture and classified as undeclared (UND). However, students who have failed any of the Foundation Year courses are permitted to retake them once and reapply for admission to a major in the next year. All College of Architecture majors must be in good academic standing in the College in order to receive a bachelor’s degree offered by the College of Architecture. Exited students may not return to the College for an undergraduate degree but they may pursue other majors in the University if they meet UTSA requirements for good academic standing. Under urgent and unusual circumstances, exited students may appeal their exit from the College. All appeals can be made to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Studies. The deadline for appeal is no later than four weeks into the semester immediately following their exit. See the College of Architecture Undergraduate Advising Center for required forms.