The Virtual Archive of Medieval Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the beautiful cities of Europe, the fourth most-visited city today after London, Paris and Rome. Part of its beauty and character lies in the Ciutat Vella, the medieval quarter at the heart of the city. Despite government policies that are intended to protect the architectural heritage of the medieval quarter, incremental renovation, modernization and commercial development are slowly compromising the authenticity of the Ciutat Vella as an historic center. The Virtual Archive of Medieval Barcelona is a digital humanities tool designed to preserve Barcelona’s cultural memory by archiving urban and architectural data on the extant medieval city in the form of a 3D virtual model and GIS database. The development of this project was initiated with a 2015 UTSA INTRA Grant and the assistance of UTSA graduate students Raj Kalki Yarlagadda and Jingqi Li and alumni Aleksandra Vucic. 

Dr. Shelley Roff’s forthcoming book, Treasure of the City: The Construction of Public Works and Monuments of Late Medieval Barcelona, will portray some features of the Virtual Archive of Medieval Barcelona.