The Method of Covering MEP Scope in Estimating Course

Gunhan and Hatipkarasulu, 2012. “The Method of Covering MEP Scope in Estimating Course.” American Society of Engineering Educators 2012 Annual Conference, Construction Division, San Antonio, TX. AC - 3090.



Construction science and management graduates are expected to understand work scopes for all construction trades to effectively support estimating teams in their organizations. Among the various trades, having a good understanding of Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) scope is highly valued in construction organizations since relatively fewer construction professionals possess this expertise. Traditionally, MEP content is covered in design-oriented technical courses in construction curricula and work scope is assumed, and treated, as specialty areas to be handled through subcontracts in estimating courses. However, construction students also need to develop proper skills in estimating courses for MEP scope to eliminate the fear of dealing with technologically complex work scopes. The purpose of this paper is to present an estimating course module that addresses this current shortcoming in construction curricula. The paper presents a systematic approach on how to develop a MEP work scope which later can be used in detailed estimating process. The module starts with the introduction of MEP specification development and its presentation in construction drawings. Common characteristics of MEP drawings are then highlighted and the procedures for their analysis are presented in a systematic order including the differentiating aspects of various systems. The laboratory portion of the module concentrates on performing quantity takeoff, digital or manual, where the results are translated into work scope sheets. The paper further explains the detailed scope identification methodology for each system and their integration into estimating course context.