Education Curriculum for the San Juan Spanish Colonial Demonstration Farm

San Antonio, TX
Project Sponsor: National Park Service
Project Team: William A. Dupont, Alycia Mauer, Kimberly Bilica, Claudia Guerra and Michael Mary

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park recently completed work on a Spanish Colonial Demonstration Farm. This project provides the education curriculum and lesson plans for grades 6-12 to educate students about Spanish Colonial life ways. The lesson plans engage students through decision-making and problem-solving issues (what to plant when, assessment of effort for expected return), mathematics (area, volume of water, calculating yield), engineering (acequia maintenance, water allocation), biology (crop rotation, integrated pest management), economics (trade, supply and demand) and physics (tools, gravity). The program targets students in the 17 school districts in the San Antonio area. The largest three school districts alone have over 250,000 students. All activities have been pilot-tested and evaluated by area teachers and their students. Lesson plans are intended to be available for download on the SAAN park website, so there would be no cost to the teachers for their use.

These lesson plans are the first phase in the development of additional hands-on curriculum for local school districts. Additional experiences as the demonstration farm develops will include hands-on Spanish Colonial gardening, harvesting, and marketing.

Per the agreement, three lesson plans have been developed and structured for accessibility and functional use on the NPS website and the NPS Education Facebook page.

Final Report: Education Curriculum for the San Juan Spanish Colonial Demonstration Farm