Taeg Nishimoto — The work of a material polymath

by Abigail Ward

(November 1, 2017) -- Textured surfaces, shapely undulating forms, and organic, free-flowing patterns. A space divider made of wood tiles laid in a multi-directional form; captivating globular and resinous light fixtures; outdoor play furniture made of concrete canvas and several diverse site-specific installations: This is the work of Taeg Nishimoto–architect, designer, and educator. 

With a wide-ranging and inspired material portfolio behind him, including those as varied as lace, concrete, bioplastic, resin, Tyvek, natural fabric and charred wood, it would be easy to assume that Taeg Nishimoto is blessed with a background and education in material research. In reality, however, he has trained in architecture, pursues an interest in design products, and has an undeniable knack for material exploration. 

It is fair to say that Nishimoto has flourished in each of these realms, leading him to be easily described as a multitalented polymath. It is the union of disciplines that has lead Nishimoto’s work in an intriguing and multi-dimensional direction. 

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