Symposium explores the definition of “puro”

Photo courtesy of NowCastSA

(February 25, 2017) -- What is "puro" in San Antonio? In a Feb. 21 event at Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex, 11 San Antonians offered their thoughts on what makes something or someone purely San Antonio.

The consensus? It depends on one's viewpoint, the speakers and audience members said. The definition could range from music or color to food or sense of place. Or all of the above.

The symposium, “Puro - On the Edge of Future” was spearheaded by Antonio Petrov, an assistant architecture, construction and planning professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Petrov and his students helped facilitate recent public discussions on envisioning the future of the Broadway corridor.

With several UTSA graduate students watching, Petrov and the speakers provided their thoughts on how the term "puro" reflects layers of San Antonio's history, culture, economy, philosophies and how it even influences other things such as the physical environment, especially with the city's growth.

“How do we embrace the things that are known to us?” Petrov asked. “What does it mean? What does it taste like? Where can you and can't you find it?”

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