“Puro Symposium” Aims to Explore a Loaded Word

When you think of the word puro, what image comes to mind?

What colors do you see? Is it tall? What does it taste like? Does it make a sound? Now hold that thought until February 21, when a panel of local visual and performance artists will come together at Brick for a symposium about the word puro.

Intrigued by the word and how it's used in San Antonio, UTSA architecture professor Dr. Antonio Petrov and his team of graduate students are exploring the word and seeing how it translates in San Antonio’s architecture, urban planning projects and other community dynamics.

Tasked with planning a part of San Antonio’s tricentennial celebration, Petrov hopes to understand the aesthetics of puro, its values and attitudes in order to determine the future of what the city may look like.

Visit the San Antonio Current for the story.