Hedrick Building Reveals Original Ornate Architecture

(October 20, 2017) -- Although no new buildings have been completed recently, the San Antonio skyline has seen a dramatic change in recent weeks.

Built in 1928, the ten-story Hedrick Building at St. Mary's and Martin Streets was built originally with brick in brown and tan earthen tones. Ornate, flower detailing made of molded, fired terra cotta are featured prominently on the two bottom floors.

"The decoration is Spanish Baroque. Much like the telephone company building about three blocks away," Dr. Maggie Valentine says. She teaches architectural history and interior design at UTSA.

The Spanish Baroque detailing can be found all around San Antonio on older buildings of that era. By 1963, however, the Hedrick's better days were behind it, so the owner changed the exterior spectacularly – and by current tastes, not in a good way.

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