Construction Industry Plagued By Labor Shortages Nationwide, Including in San Antonio

UTSA Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) member Doug McMurry, Executive Vice President of San Antonio Chapter of AGC, was a featured guest on Texas Public Radio's The Source on June 4, 2019. During the program, he shared information about UTSA's Construction Science program, Mr. McMurry! He and Jeff Buell, president of Greater San Antonio Builders Association and co-owner of Sitterle Homes - San Antonio, were invited to discuss workforce development and the current labor shortages in the construction industry, both nationwide and specifically in San Antonio. Audio for the full interview is found at the link below.

"There are several different avenues," said McMurry when asked if people can pick up the necessary skills through attending school. "As you probably know, there’s a great high school in San Antonio, Earl Warren High School. They have a construction careers academy and are doing a fabulous job. In higher education, UTSA has a construction science and management program that is graduating a lot of great folks who are going right into the industry. About 20% of those, interestingly, coming out of UTSA are women and about 56% are Hispanic. So when we think, on the commercial side, about workforce development, we think about diversity and inclusion, and we think about doing a better job of outreach."

Construction Industry Plagued By Labor Shortages Nationwide, Including In San Antonio
June 4, 2019│Texas Public Radio's "The Source"