ACE Mentor Program on American Graduate

(October 16. 2017) -- Building a love of science and math in students is essential for America to keep up with the ever-growing demands in these fields. One area facing major labor shortages is construction. Sixty-four percent of builders have delayed projects due to lack of available skilled workers. Our next group addresses this issue head-on. It’s the ACE Mentor Program of America. The ACE stands for architecture, construction, and engineering. Each year, they introduce 9,000 high school students to all facets of the construction industry by providing them with mentors and on-the-job training. Joining us today from San Antonio are ACE mentee Sarah E. Martinez and mentors Mary Stuart and Mike Kaiman (pictured at right). Kaiman is Vice President and General Manager of South Texas Turner Construction Company and a member of the UTSA Construction Industry Advisory Council.

View the video clip here.