Gonzalo P. Sanchez

Gonzalo P. Sanchez

Lone Star Hotel/ South San Antonio Master Plan
Architecture Systems Studio, Fall 2008
Roberto Rodriguez Studio



South San Antonio, located within the boundaries of Probandt, the San Antonio River, and I-10, is undergoing three major urbanization projects: The Big Tex housing complex to the north, the Lone Star Brewery, and Mission Road Power Plant renovations. These projects along with the San Antonio River Authority's Riverwalk Master Plan throughout this region identify the land as a prime location for an urban development project.

A retired railroad track rests within the land, thus a Transit Oriented Development mindset can be utilized for both local, and city-wide travel and should be the essential step for San Antonio's future and was the main focus for our proposed Master Plan.



The Lone Star Hotel is surrounded by two historic places for San Antonio: the Lone Star Brewery, which helped San Antonio's economy during the 1950s, and Roosevelt Park, where many famous individuals (including Teddy Roosevelt) have visited.

The building is a 43,000 square footprint building which accommodates a 58 room hotel, auditorium, exhibition hall, restaurant, bar, parking garage and reserve conference rooms. On its ground level the 330 person auditorium and 2500 square foot exhibition hall utilize the 4200 square foot restaurant and 1600 square foot hotel lounge which face the San Antonio River. The second level occupies a variety of public spaces including 10 conference rooms varying from 200 to 700 square feet, a 1200 square foot business center, and a large, river facing balcony. The third through seventh floors make up the hotel rooms, gym, ballroom, and pool area.

The structure includes a 28,000 square foot parking garage which will profit the hotel through use for the auditorium and exhibition hall functions.