David Flores

David Flores

La Fundidora Health Museum & Screening, Monterrey, Mexico
ARC 6126 Advanced Design Studio, Fall 2009
Ed Burian Studio


Located in Monterrey, Mexico at La Fundidora this industrial area was converted into a park with multiple museums. The key museum in this park is dedicated to the education of steel production, the history and role this industry played in the development of Monterrey.

Adjacent to the power plant building, which has also been converted into a museum, we where entitled with the task of creating a design that addresses health issues that affect a large portion of Monterrey’s population. The project includes a museum that will inform visitors of preventable diseases and prevention method with kitchen for instruction of alternative foods, a studio, three multi-purpose rooms, bookstore, screening clinic, and supporting elements.

Keeping ecology in mind created the foundation of my design affecting/addressing in a macro scale La Fundidora Park, and in the micro scale the people using the building. Better water and air quality in our buildings is just one aspect of the human health. Within a building though this does not simply mean making sure there are no harmful chemicals in the air, or assuring the building is code compliant and structurally sound, but make sure our design is responsible beyond the building envelope. We create spaces the public uses on a daily bases, some of which continue visiting because of how they feel when they arrive whether it’s for a short or long visits. Every building we enter affects us positively and/or negatively in a psychological manner. Addressing these other health issues the design cannot singularly be one that evokes the prominence of a sustainable solution directed at our ecosystem, but one that uses materials and proportions to assure a completely healthy building.

The overall goal is to create an overall healthy building. It develops an intimate connection with its inhabitants through materials and forms making an honest attempt at giving back to the existing ecology and acknowledging the built environment. As a landscape dominant building it facilitates in maintaining a healthy body. As the basis for design the paradigm of ecology transitions the connection of building to body from the interior space to the exterior landscape of the building accessible to all.