Concrete Workshop: Gallery 1

Concrete Workshop: Gallery 1

Concrete Workshop: Dr. Ela T. Poursani

On November 3, 2012, 3rd-year students from UTSA's College of Architecture (CoA) worked with concrete for their design studio projects under the direction of CoA Assistant Professor Dr. Ela T. Poursani. Students from the Interior Design program concentrated on the manipulation of concrete, not only as a finish material, but also as a surface for light. Architecture students designed a training facility with tilt-up wall construction system.

Concrete is produced at an estimated rate of five billion cubic yards per year, the second-most widely consumed substance on Earth after water. It is a building material valued for its versatility, its strength, and its almost unlimited potential as a medium for creative forms and surfaces. For these reasons, concrete was the purpose of a hands-on workshop for architecture and interior design students.

Wood, metal, plastic, and fabric formwork have been used to experiment with concrete surfaces. Roof-to-panel, panel-to-panel, and panel-to-footing connections were made in full size with metal inserts and embedment. The most challenging one was the sandwich panel with Styrofoam insulation.

A local company, Artistic Concrete & Masonry, hosted the concrete workshop and initiated a competition for the most successful application of concrete. The winning team was the roof-to-panel connection — they won a digital video camera.