CACP Faculty Research Symposium

CACP Faculty Research Symposium

February 19, 2016

The UTSA College of Architecture, Construction and Planning (CACP) hosted a daylong symposium to showcase the wide breadth of its faculty research and expertise on February 19, 2016 at the UTSA Downtown Campus. The symposium featured 16 presentations of recently published work by CACP faculty related to a variety of architectural, design, construction, conservation and planning topics.

Videos are provided here for all six sessions. Session topics, presenters, and presentation titles are listed below.


Architecture: Past, Present, and Future

Session 1

Moderator: Robert Baron

Shelley Roff: Measurement and Proportion in the Design of Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo

Taeg Nishimoto: Spontaneous Textures – Papercrete and Bioplastics

Ian Caine: The Continental Compact


Issues in Construction Science and Management

Session 2

Moderator: Suat Gunhan

Yilmaz Karasulu: Fatal Fall Accidents in Small Building Construction Projects

Rui Liu: Survey – Common Knowledge and BIM for Facility Maintenance

Rogelio Palomera-Arias: Developing BIM Laboratory Exercises for a MEP Systems Course in a Construction Science and Management Program


Housing: Policies and Applications

Session 3

Moderator: Edward Burian

William Dupont: Analyzing the Retrofit Potential of Historic Homes in Hot Humid Climates

Saadet Beeson: Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings in Galveston, Texas

Rebecca Walter: Searching for Affordability and Opportunity – A framework for the Housing Choice Voucher Program


Pedagogy and the Built Environment

Session 4

Moderator: Richard Tangum

Curtis Fish: The Promenade of the Street – A Spatio-Temporal Framework for Design

Stephen Temple: Ambiguity and Decision Making in Beginning Design Experience

Suat Gunhan: Covering Business Development Topics in an Undergraduate Course


Sustainability and Building Performance

Session 5

Moderator: William Dupont

Sedef Doganer: Architecture Design Studio on Sustainable Tourism Alternatives in the Missions Historic District

Rahman Azari: Multi-Objective Optimization of Building Envelope Design for Optimized Life Cycle Energy and Environmental Performance

Jae Yong Suk: Investigation on Existing Discomfort Glare Indices Based on Human Subjects Study


Keynote Presentation

Edward Burian: The Architecture of Northern Mexico from Independence to the Present


Q+A with CACP Assoc. Prof. Ed Burian, author of The Architecture and Cities of Northern Mexico

February 10, 2016│UTSA


UTSA College of Architecture, Construction and Planning Faculty Research Symposium is Feb. 19

February 10, 2016│UTSA