Anilkumar Pilla

Anilkumar Pilla

Magnet School of Art, San Antonio
ARC 6136 Advanced Design II, Spring 2010
Michael Guarino Studio


The proposed “Magnet School of Art” in San Antonio enriches & seamlessly integrates the various creative pursuits around the Performance Art District - River North extension. Located amidst the Municipal Auditorium, Scottish Rite Temple, The First Baptist Church, River Walk and being in close proximity to High Schools & the Central Library enables the School to function as a nerve centre of Performing Arts in San Antonio.

Field trips to the Art Schools, Museums, Municipal Auditorium located around the River North Downtown area, revealed the need for a Multidisciplinary Art School in the community. The proposed Art School houses several Design studios, each having an Instructor’s office & outdoor space facing the River Walk. It also has Music composition rooms, Dance Floor & a Performance Theatre facing the street. The Public Galleries & Banquet Halls are rented-out for performances/exhibitions adding to the School’s revenue.

The school building is intended to be a Center of Learning and an interface between the School activities and the community. It is uniquely designed to have a Natural contour, thereby making it accessible directly from the River Walk. The building contour has Studio Spaces & Landscape gardens.

The Building, having a combination of Untreated Stone Masonry alongside the street & landscaped contours along the river walk, reflects & blends into the Historic Urban Downtown environment & the River Walk’s natural serenity. The School’s in-house Performance Theatre is designed to be completely configurable thereby accommodating different kinds of performances. This is achieved by using an innovative Floating Floor Plate mechanism having retractable seating. This design enables the theatre to host all kinds of performances, thereby generating more revenue to the School. The building has a Central Atrium open to sky, allowing natural daylight into the building.

Sustainability of the School building is achieved thru’ a Power Plant at its basement. The organic food waste collected from nearby hotels & other amenities is processed & converted into Methane Gas in the Power Plant, thereby generating electricity to power the School.