2017 CACP Design Awards

2017 CACP Design Awards

2017 CACP Design Awards

The CACP Design Awards were presented at the Spring 2017 CACP Awards & Certificate ceremony on April 28.

Each year the Faculty in the Department of Architecture collectively honor architecture and interior design students who represent the best of design in their respective year and discipline in our college. The nominees for the Design Awards are selected by respective faculty members. The winners are chosen by vote of the faculty and are presented with books and commemorative bookmarks.

First Year Undergraduate Designer of the Year (Architecture + Interior Design): John Franklin

Second Year (Architecture): Zayra Rico

Second Year (Interior Design): April Garcia

Third Year (Interior Design): Jesus Guerrero

Fourth Year (Interior Design): Grace Hunter

Third & Fourth Year (Architecture): Monica Martinez

First Year, Graduate Program (M.Arch): Laura Bustillos


The Henry Adams Certificate and Medal are the highest honors given out by the American Institute of Architects as awarded by the faculty in architecture. The top-ranking graduate student, from each of the accredited universities, receives the Medal. The second-ranking graduate student receives the Certificate of Merit.

Henry Adams Certificate of Merit: Mahamudul Hasan Asif

Henry Adams Medal (top-ranked student): Michelyn Smith


The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is judged by the faculty in the Department of Architecture, and presented to a graduating student who has shown an ability for leadership, service to his or her school, and true professionalism while maintaining a good attitude and personality. In 2017 the faculty chose two recipients of the Alpha Rho Chi Medal – one undergraduate and one graduate student.

Alpha Rho Chi Medal (Undergraduate): Donovan Linsey

Alpha Rho Chi Medal (Graduate): Melanie Bartholomew


In 2017, the Department of Construction Science established two new awards. This semester, the Department of Construction Science partnered with the Architecture and Interior Design programs to collaborate on a community service design/build project as part of a special Independent Studies class. The project involved the Artpace gallery in San Antonio. The Construction Science students exceeded the expectations of the Artpace gallery staff and were selected to receive the 2017 Outstanding Community Service Award for the Department of Construction Science.

Alejandra Tamez, Alan Aguilar, Jeremy Charles, Michael Beckman, Silvestre Torres


The second is the Outstanding Student Leadership Award. This year there was a tie between two outstanding student leaders in the Department of Construction Science. The two student leaders provided the student body and clubs with a number of new and innovative activities which sparked participation. The first award winner is Alejandra Tamez, for her role as the President of the Associated General Contractors Student Chapter. The second winner is Michael Beckman, for his role as the Interim President of the new Student Chapter of the National Association of Home Builders, who coordinated the first CACP Playhouse Competition.


The student leaders in the Department of Construction Science have recognized a special person in 2017 who has worked hard to provide outstanding support and service to the student clubs and students in the Department.

Department of Construction Science Student Appreciation Award: Marcella Guerrero


The 2017 Honor Award in Urban and Regional Planning is given to the highest-ranking URP student in the program.

Urban and Regional Planning Honor Award: Sarah Allison Jones


The Cultural Sustainability Award is sponsored by the Center for Cultural Sustainability and recognizes the Thesis or Masters Project that best displays excellence in design or research regarding continuity of cultural identity; heritage conservation practices or treatment; analysis of regulations and policies that affect cultural sustainability; or sustainable solutions that promote heritage conservation of places, communities, urban areas or regions.

Cultural Sustainability Award (honorable mention): Sergio R. Duran, “De-Marginalizing the Metropolis: How Can Urbanism Integrate Incubators of Poverty in the Metropolis”

Cultural Sustainability Award winner: Maria Teresa Hernandez, “Architecture of Experience: Hospice Retreat Center”


The ARCC King Student Medal is given to one student per ARCC member institution. Selection of recipients is based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research. The award may be made at either the graduate or the undergraduate level.

ARCC King Student Medal: Melanie Bartholomew

For her M.Arch thesis work titled: “Moments of Pause: Intersections of Inclusion”


The Dean’s Awards honor excellence in each program within the College with an award for the best work of those about to enter their respective professions. For architecture, this is the Master’s Project Award. For urban and regional planning, this is the Capstone Project Award. The Dean’s Award for Best Master’s Project in Architecture honors graduate students in their final semester for work on their final project – known as the Master’s Project. This project is the culmination of their work as an architecture student and is based on a year’s worth of work as they have prepared themselves for professional practice. Nominees have been selected by their respective faculty, and the students’ materials were reviewed by Dean Murphy. Two projects have been chosen — a runner up (merit award) and top award for best project.

Dean’s Merit Award for Master’s Project in Architecture: Mahamudul Hasan Asif for “UBER-Track”

Dean’s Award for Best Master’s Project in Architecture: Devon Duffin for “Finding Nature – A New Ground Plane”


The Dean’s Award for Best Master’s Project in Urban and Regional Planning honors the work of graduate students in the Master of Science Degree in Urban and Regional Planning for their work on their final capstone project. The capstone project is the culmination of 48 hours of graduate study as an urban and regional planning graduate student and is based on their thesis or professional report. Nominees were selected by the urban and regional planning faculty, and the students’ materials were reviewed by Dean Murphy.

Dean’s Award for Best Urban and Regional Planning Capstone: Sarah Allison Jones