2015 CACP Design Awards

2015 CACP Design Awards

2015 CACP Design Awards


Urban and Regional Planning Honor Award: Nicholas Post
This new award is given to the URP student with the highest GPA.

Cultural Sustainability Award: Amanda Phelps
Sponsored by the Center for Cultural Sustainability, this award is given to the Thesis or Masters Project that best displays excellence in design, research or solutions regarding cultural sustainability.

Henry Adams Medal and Certificate
These are the highest honors given out by the American Institute of Architects as awarded by the Faculty in Architecture. The top-ranked student receives the Medal and Certificate of Merit. The second-ranking student receives the Certificate of Merit.
Henry Adams Medal (top-ranked student): Amanda Phelps
Henry Adams Certificate of Merit: Dafne Torres

Alpha Rho Chi Medal: Mary Minor
The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is judged by the faculty in the Department of Architecture, and presented to the student who has shown an ability for leadership, performed willing service for his or her department, and gives promise of real professional merit through his or her attitude and personality.

ARCC King Student Medal: Sandra Montalbo
For architectural design and environmental behavioral effects: 1221 Broadway, an adaptive reuse multifamily housing story.
The King Medal is given to one student per ARCC member institution. Selection of recipients is based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research. The award may be made at either the graduate or the undergraduate level.

Design Awards
These are awarded by the Faculty in the Department of Architecture. They are the Annual Design Awards which are also known as the “Book Awards,” since recipients receive a book and a commemorative bookmark. These awards recognize the top designers at each level throughout the Architecture and Interior Design curriculum, and as such, they represent the best of design at our school.

First Year (Pre-Architecture and Pre-Interior Design: Stephanie Barajas

Second Year (Interior Design): Kathleen Zuniga

Second Year (Architecture): Donovan Linsey

Third & Fourth Year (Interior Design): Samantha Seyler (not pictured above)

Third & Fourth Year (Architecture): Aaron Stone

First Year, Graduate Program (M.Arch): Aaron Jarrett

Second Year, Graduate Program (M.Arch): Barbara Warren

Dean’s Awards
These awards are based upon projects completed for the Master’s Degree in Architecture, the professional program. These final projects are key in allowing our graduates to fully develop a design project that exemplifies their mastery and preparedness for future practice. Two projects have been chosen — a runner up (merit award) and top award for best project.

Dean’s Award for Best Master’s Project: Aleksandr Mikhailov

Dean’s Merit Award: Ksenia Nation