James Dawes

Lecturer III

(210) 458-3032
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Jim Dawes entered the architecture program at UT Austin in 1966 because he liked to draw and thought architecture would be more likely than art to lead to drawing for steady money. He was not disappointed.

A time of building doors and carving wood screens coincided with the last years of school, and work as a carpenter framing and finishing homes in the hills and prairies around Austin bridged the transition from school to work in architecture offices.

I drew architecture and wrote specifications in Austin, San Antonio, Boston, and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia by the time I sat for and passed the Texas licensing exam. I’ve been drawing and building in Austin and San Antonio off and on ever since.

I mixed practice, domestic fatherhood, and teaching at SAC and UTSA for a few years in the 80’s, and returned to mostly teaching at UTSA in 2003. Teaching is as much as, and often more fun than anything I’ve done in practice.

Left to my own devices I would read, write, and draw whenever I wasn’t bicycling, traveling, or hanging out with friends.

James Dawes