Message from the Dean

The College of Architecture at the University of Texas at San Antonio is a growing, proud member of the university community. We have a very talented and committed faculty and staff who support our mission of advancing design and construction of the built environment. To view a more pragmatic perspective, we can address the question of why we are here? What is the raison d'être for the College of Architecture? The Brookings Institute in 2004 published a research report that stated that ½ the built environment in 2030 has not yet been built. To put that in a dramatic context, that equates to our needing to build another San Antonio, another Dallas, another Chicago, another NYC, another Atlanta, etc. What an amazing opportunity for existing professionals, and those to come.

We exist because we are charged with preparing the next generation of designers, builders, and planners of the built environment. With this immense opportunity for our graduates also comes great responsibility as we address issues of sustainable and ecologically sound design and construction processes. Service learning opportunities through design-build projects are a mainstay to our educational experience. Studio foci often involve assistance to local government entities or community groups that need our assistance. Consequently, we have a strong regional reputation for community engagement. While fundamental skills and knowledge of design, construction and planning are certainty developed here in the college, we are also exposing the students to important issues related to this social responsibility.

Many historic preservation and civic assistance projects are underway to illustrate our commitment to preserving the built environment and cultures that contribute to the fabric of our community. In addition, one can focus on historic preservation, regional and urban planning, or sustainable design through our certificate programs. We work in a world that is expecting more and more collaborative delivery systems for design and construction. In this regard, our curricula address such current issues as integrated practices, higher order problem solving skills, and a higher level of teamwork and leadership skills that we have come to expect from our students. We also believe that championing the built environment in a global context is critical, and we consider an international educational experience essential to a well-rounded architecture and construction education.

As Dean of the college, it is my privilege to lead this very talented group of faculty and staff. We believe that design is leadership. We consistently search for the best faculty available to continue building on our strengths, and work diligently to maintain currency and appropriate focus in our teaching and scholarship. Industry involvement at all levels is critical to our success with these professional curricula. So, whether you are an interested industry professional, a potential or current student, faculty or staff, or a generally interested party, I invite you to peruse the website and learn more about our successes, our degree programs, and the talented people we have working with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

John D. Murphy Jr.,  Ph.D., CPC, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP