History of the College

The College of Architecture began as an academic program in the College of Fine and Applied Arts within the Division of Art and Design in 1979. The fledgling degree was the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design with a Concentration in Architectural Design — a four-year degree that required 140 credit hours of study. The BFA degree in Architecture was changed to a Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B.S. Arch) in 1993. The Division of Architecture and Interior Design was created in 1995 within the College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA) and the Architecture program became the major component program within the Division. In August 1995, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved the Master of Architecture degree, which began the following spring semester. Early in 2000-2001, the Division of Architecture and Interior Design became the “School of Architecture" within the COLFA. The program received its initial three-year accreditation from NAAB, also in 2001, which served as the basis for the School of Architecture to become an independent unit. The School offered four-year degree programs in Architecture (B.S. in Architecture) and in Interior Design (B.S. in Interior Design), as well as a two-year Master's of Architecture (M. Arch).

Julius Gribou became the founding Dean of the School of Architecture in 2002. In 2005 the School was upgraded to a College. That year a post-professional research degree, the M.S. in Architecture, was inaugurated as well. In 2007 Robert M. Baron was appointed Interim Dean. After a national search, Dr. John D. Murphy was named Dean and currently presides over the entire College of Architecture.

In terms of location, the original Architecture program was located at Main Campus on the third and fourth floors of the Arts Building. In 1999 the School began its gradual move downtown, by moving into the Frio Street building on the brand new UTSA Downtown Campus. In the next two years the College grew to occupy spaces in both the Durango Building, and Buena Vista Building, expanding into what became known as the Urban Loop Studio (ULS) Building, which housed the third year, fourth year, and graduate studios. In 2003 the entire program moved into the Monterey Building, purchased by UTSA in 2006.