Fall 2012 Urbino Update: Week 3

Urbino students prepare for their first faculty-led field trip

The study-abroad opportunity in Urbino is now entering its third week of the semester. While the weather has been variable (in fact, autumn seems to be closing in a bit early this year...), the students have been enjoying their new settings in a variety of ways. They've taken advantage of the last of the summer weather with trips to the coast, both to tan on the beaches of Pesaro and to enjoy a jaunt through the coastal hills further north with Mirko and Eugenia, the on-site organizers of the semester (see photo, left).


The warm, sunny days provided an opportunity to have some of their classes outside, including doing drawings and watercolors in the friary garden behind the church of S. Bernardino (see photo, right), one of the gems of Renaissance architecture to be found just outside of Urbino. In addition, they've had guided tours of the historic center of Urbino and its monuments. They're preparing for their first field-trip into the Veneto to study the architecture of Michele Sanmicheli (at Verona), and Andrea Palladio (at Vicenza). More news to follow!

— Fall 2012 Urbino Group

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