Construction Career Academy students visit UTSA CSM Program

Mrs. Ethridge and Mr. Paul brought a group of students from the Construction Career Academy (CCA) to the Construction Science and Management (CSM) program at University of Texas – San Antonio. The CCA students demonstrated a high level of knowledge and interest in construction career paths. Dr. Tulio Sulbaran and a CSM student hosted the CCA students and shared information about the CSM program at UTSA. The CCA students visited the 3D printing facility at UTSA and Ernesto Bertadillo gave an excellent presentation about the available resources. The CCA students were very excited about the UTSA CSM program after their visit. Dr. Sulbaran encouraged all of the CCA students to apply to the UTSA CSM program and extended an invitation to contact him if they needed any assistance. Mrs. Ethridge indicated that she anticipated several of the CCA students would go through the UTSA CSM program, furthering their high school experience of building tiny homes.