Urban and Regional Planning Advisory Council

The Urban and Regional Planning Advisory Council (URPAC) supports and maintains a dialogue between planners, allied professionals, planning faculty, and graduate students. This dialogue allows for those outside the Planning Program to stay informed and supportive of the Planning Program’s educational and research goals and objectives. In turn, URPAC allows the Planning Program to remain aware of the changing professional environment in planning and community issues. The Urban and Regional Planning Advisory Council serves as a primary liaison between the profession and the academic sector of the University. It is the means by which the community and professionals can help the Planning Program access resources for its students. We appreciate their support and guidance.

Walter Ague – City Council Staff Member
Bill Barker, AICP – Sustainability Planner
Peter Bella – Environmental Planning Consultant
Wendell Davis, AICP – San Antonio Planning Advisors
John Dugan, AICP – City of San Antonio, Director, Dept. of Planning & Community Development
Ramon Flores – Port San Antonio, Vice President, Real Estate Development
Lisa Ann Gonzalez – City Planner, Cibolo, Texas
Dr. Richard Howe – Professor Emeritus Engineering, UTSA
Dr. Lisa Nungesser – Deputy Director of Environmental Planning, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Howard Peak – former Mayor, City of San Antonio
Hannah Santiago – Transit Planner, VIA
Larry Travis, AICP – Architect, Planner, Landscape Architect
Christine Viña, AIA – VIA, Project Manager, Urban Design VIA–Strategic Planning & Project Development
Bob J. Wise Jr., AIA – President, Imagine San Antonio