Architecture Advisory Council

The UTSA Architecture Advocacy & Advisory Council (AAAC) exists to support and maintain a dialog between architects, allied design professionals, engaged community professionals, faculty, and students. This two way street of communication allows for those outside the department to stay informed and supportive of the department and program’s educational activities. In turn, each council allows the department and program faculty and students to remain aware of the changing professional environment and community concerns. The UTSA AAAC (Architecture Advocacy & Advisory Council) serves as the primary liaison between the professions / community and the academy. It is the means by which the community and professionals can help the department access resources, foster opportunities that educate, inform and enrich the lives of our students. We appreciate their (and your) support and guidance in such activities as:
• Support through Giving
• Service as advocate of the Architecture program with the College, University, & Community
• Service as a liaison between the Department of Architecture and the architectural profession and allied professions
• Offer advice, counsel and vision to the Department of Architecture
• Promote the Department of Architecture, and its activities

Mission of the AAAC: is to provide support for the UTSA Architecture program. It seeks to enrich and enhance the education of the students, engagement of those students within the community (both professional and local), and seeks to raise the profile of the program within the University and wider educational context.

Vision of the AAAC: To support the UTSA Architecture program towards its goal of providing a high-quality, globally-informed, locally-relevant, and reflective professional education.

The Current Organization of the AAAC has taken the following as its organizing principles: Student Support Program Support Community Connection

Advisory Council for Architecture Membership:
AAAC Membership is open to everyone interested in helping UTSA better educate our future architects & designers.  The AAAC is currently very active and holds monthly meetings. If you are interested in serving on the AAAC please contact Dr. Vincent B. Canizaro, Chair of the Department of Architecture, at for more information. Thanks. We look forward to your support.

Our current Members include:
Alex Arrunada
George Barrera
Dan Cancilla
Steve Marrone (Alamo Architects) 
Rebecca Greathouse
Travis Hopper
Bruce MacDougal
Richard Mogas
Frank Rascoe
Michael Rey (Overland Partners)
Thom Robey
Miguel Saldana
Michelyn Smith
Shane Tafares
Jason Trujillo
Matt Wallace (Lake Flato)
Elizabeth Haynes