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Good plans

shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.

— Lester Robert Tittel

M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning

The 48 hour Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning (M.S. URP) is designed to prepare students for leadership roles and careers in the public and private sectors of planning and designing communities and regions. The program has a strong focus on land use planning; design; policy; and economic, environmental, and cultural issues that shape urban and regional land development patterns in terms of infrastructure, housing, and open space systems. Emphasis is placed on developing research capabilities and graphic skills needed in planning. The degree program’s primary focus is to prepare students to become practitioners in the planning profession. The MSURP is taught with support of the Department of Public Administration in the College of Public Policy.

M.S. URP Degree Sequence (UTSA Catalog)

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