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Urban Development

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Good plans

shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.

— Lester Robert Tittel

Our History

Graduate-level courses in urban and regional planning were first offered at UTSA in Fall 1973 through the Division of Environmental Studies. Dr. Richard Tangum, architect, planner, and professor in the Division of Environmental Studies, started the Architecture Program in 1975.  Planning courses continued to be offered in Architecture while it evolved from a Program to Division to School, and eventually became a College in 2005. 

Beginning in Fall 2008, the College of Architecture started a 15-hour Certificate in Urban and Regional Planning. The URP Certificate primarily serves students enrolled in existing graduate programs who want an introductory knowledge of planning, but wish to continue in their current graduate degree programs. In Fall 2010, the two-year Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning (MSURP) was implemented, and in 2012, the first graduates received the MSURP degree at UTSA.